Lawyer Link is Philadelphia’s premier personal injury case evaluation and lawyer referral service. We can evaluate whether you have a case and then determine what Philadelphia personal injury lawyers are most fit to handle it. Let Lawyer Link guide you to a Philadelphia personal injury attorney who has the experience, expertise and specialization necessary to maximize your recovery.

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Lawyer Link knows personal injury and medical malpractice. For absolutely no charge and with no obligation, let us guide you to a Philadelphia attorney that has the experience, expertise and specializations necessary to handle the key issues underlying your case. This is our process:

Step One: Evaluate

Real Personal Injuries Lawyers Evaluate the Strength of Your Case

This is when we start putting the pieces together. Lawyer Link has real Philadelphia personal injury and medical malpractice lawyers review your case to evaluate its merits. It's hard to know whether you have a good personal injury case. Let the Lawyer Link team give you their unbiased opinion absolutely free.

Step Two: Analyze

Your Case Is Analyzed to Determine What Types of Specialized Lawyers Can Handle It Best

The lawyer you choose to hire is an important decision. Choosing a lawyer unfit to handle your particular case could significantly reduce your compensation. When deciding, you have to realize that different lawyers specialize in handling different types of cases. If you were burned, you want a personal injury lawyer that is an expert in burn cases. If you were hurt as a result of negligent treatment from your doctor, you want a lawyer who has dedicated his career to medical malpractice. You wouldn’t hire a dermatologist to treat a stomach problem, so why should the decision about which lawyer to hire be any different?

Step Three: Match

Lawyer Link Recommends a Philadelphia Injury Lawyer That Is Right for You

When every lawyer's website says that they're the best, how can you really know who to trust? After having a deep understanding of the unique challenges of your case, Lawyer Link will recommend and connect you with a Philadelphia injury lawyer that can maximize your recovery.

Want to know if you have a good case and unsure of what Philadelphia injury lawyer you should hire? Trust the Lawyer Link process. Our process costs you nothing and can be quickly started today by submitting a no-obligation case evaluation.


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